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John - Austin
Our driver of the month for April, John Lopez, has been a Wingz driver since May 2016; he has provided 1202 Wingz rides so far and 487 riders have selected him as their favorite driver. We have asked John a few questions about his Wingz experience.
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We asked John a few questions about his Wingz career

Q: Can you please share one of your recent great experiences as a Wingz driver. (if you have any particular ride that comes to mind that you enjoyed and felt good about)
A: I recently gave a ride to my regular's father, who is mobility impaired. I picked him up at the Amtrak station, unfortunately his bag containing his wallet, identification, and medications was left on the train. I went ahead and drove him home. I was able to contact Amtrak and his bag was returned to the Austin Amtrak station that same night. The rewarding part was seeing the relief on his face when I returned his bag to him.

Q: How did you start with Wingz?
A: I went to the onboarding event at the Omni South in May 2016 and hit the ground running. I'm so grateful to Wingz for this opportunity.

Q: What do you like about the Wingz platform?
A: The rides being scheduled and the favorite driver feature. Also, Wingz in my opinion is a step above other companies in quality and service.

Q: What can you tell us about you?
A: I'm a small business owner. I'm from San Antonio, Texas, no pets, married 19 years to my wife Cindy, two children 15 (Karra) and 13 (Jon-Paul). I acquired a very specific set of skills while working in law enforcement and investigations over a 20 year period. (Liam Neeson is my hero lol)

Q: Favorite vacation spot?
A: Las Vegas (Wages) and Cozumel

Q: What are your favorite local restaurants?
A: Olive Garden, Majors, and Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse.

Q: What are your hobbies / interests?
A: I'm a huge fan of the 5-time World Champion Dallas Cowboys, I'm an avid Fantasy Football player, I enjoy sleeping and going to the movies. Speaking of movies, my favorite movie is "The Shawshank Redemption". I will watch any movie with Morgan Freeman in it.

Review & Tips

Recent review from one of John's passengers:

We really enjoyed our ride with John. He was friendly, professional, and his vehicle was super clean and comfortable. We're definitely going to try to book him for our return trip


Sounds like John gained a lifetime customer who will always refer him to friends, family and colleagues!
Well done John!

John’s tips for his fellow Wingz Drivers:

  • Send a confirmation text as soon as I can.
  • Always ask the rider “Do you have everything?” before heading to the airport/home.
  • Say “Hi” to your fellow drivers at the “aux” lot, there’s a nice comradery between drivers.

Thanks again John for sharing with us a little something about yourself and your family. Congratulations to you for being selected as driver of the month for April! We appreciate your commitment to customer service and wish you the best going forward.

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