Favorite Drivers Feature
Ride with your favorite Wingz drivers & vehicles.
What is the Favorite Drivers Feature?
The Favorite Drivers Feature is unique to Wingz and enables you to maintain a list of preferred drivers to ride with in the future.
Why use it?
  • Ride with drivers that you know, like and trust
  • Have Favorite Drivers in every Wingz market
  • Show Drivers you appreciate the service they provide
How do I add Favorite Drivers?
After each ride, you will be prompted to rate your experience. If your experience was positive, the mobile app or website will invite you to add the driver to your Favorite Drivers .

You can also add a driver to your Favorite Drivers list anytime using their referral code.

To see a selection of drivers for the airport you are traveling to/from, please refer to the Airport Page .

You can find the referral code for a previous driver by going to "My Bookings" , clicking "View More" on the ride, and tapping on the Driver's picture.
How do I book a ride with my Favorite Drivers?
After you've added Favorite Drivers to your account, all you need to do is book a ride and leave the rest to us! We will automatically ensure your Favorite Drivers are first in line to accept your request. If you have multiple Favorite Drivers, we will notify each driver in the order you set. If none of your Favorite Drivers are available to accept your ride request in a reasonable amount of time, we will then distribute your request to other Wingz Drivers.
Where do I manage my Favorite Drivers list?
1. Tap on "My Favorite Drivers"
2. Tap on "Edit" and sort your drivers by dragging the bars to the right of the driver name up or down. You can also delete a driver by clicking the red minus icon on the left
3. If you have Favorite Drivers in more than one market, those outside your current market will be grayed out, but can still be viewed and managed