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Driver of the month

Vito - Seattle
Our driver of the month for June is Vito from Seattle! Vito has been a Wingz driver since May 2016 and has provided 1,030 Wingz rides so far while being selected 210 times as a favorite driver. We asked Vito a few questions about his Wingz experience.

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Featured drivers by market

Alongside our Driver of the Month, we have lots of amazing drivers in all our markets. Each of the drivers below have stellar reviews and ratings. Check them out, and add them to your Favorite Drivers List.



Lee - Selected 500 times

Lee moved from Nashville in 2004 and is proud to call Austin his home for the past 12 years. With 2 years previous experience driving with another Rideshare company, Lee maintained a near perfect star rating with almost 4,000 trips.

Michael - Selected 495 times

Michael loves meeting new people, and being of assistance in any way that he can. He loves driving, and exploring the beautiful city of Austin. He is an outdoors type of person, and is constantly looking for a new adventure.

Colette - Selected 450 times

Friendly and reliable Canadian girl living and loving life in Austin, Texas.

Bay Area


Ehmir - Selected 430 times

Ehmir is an Independent Licensed Financial and Real Estate Professional in business for over 25 Yrs. With an excellent driving record and superior interpersonal skills, he enjoys interacting with the public and providing excellent professional services.

Dana - Selected 180 times

Dana loves meeting people and really enjoys spending time with her family. She has been a Wingz driver since July 2015 and currently studies Health Science at CSU with a goal of graduating next year.

Jimmy - Selected 350 times

Jimmy has been a Wingz driver since September 2015, and has provided over 2000 rides. His reliability and professionalism made him one of the most popular driver in the Bay Area.



Stephen - Selected 75 times

Retired military, combat veteran with additional service in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. contractor, Stephen has lived in and around Dallas for 45 years.

Lars - Selected 35 times

Lars has recently joined the Wingz team but his willingness to go the extra mile for his riders has landed him on many Favorite Drivers lists.

Greg - Selected 170 times

Greg is an educated professional / business type individual. He is a musician as well as a family friendly driver who can provide you with child seats.



Latrecia - Selected 135 times

A wife and a mom first, Latrecia describes herself as fairly quiet. She enjoys traveling, singing & HGTV! She’ll do her best to ensure your safety to & from your destination.

Januario - Selected 120 times

Januario has about 20 years of experience driving executives and locals to their destinations. He is a professional, world experienced and an educated individual, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and able to communicate in all Latin based languages.

Summer - Selected 105 times

Cali girl but Texan since 2001, Summer is a former Starbucks manager, now working in a DNA manufacturing lab. She likes UFC, science, and concerts. If you ride with her, you can enjoy water, snacks, and phone chargers on the ride, all while traveling Texas style in her truck.

Los Angeles


Marc - Selected 30 times

Marc enjoys chess, hanging out with his family and playing with his German shepperd. When He’s not doing that, he enjoys learning about phone technologies.

Lisa - Selected 10 times

Looking forward to joyful, timely and professional rides, Lisa loves meeting new people and bringing a smile to people's faces.

Vincent - Selected 145 times

Vincent is a consistent 5-star professional limousine driver with over 1.5 million miles behind the wheel. Friendly and safety conscious, he is also a published author.



Debbie - Selected 90 times

Debbie has enjoyed Phoenix for 40+ yrs after moving here from Iowa. She owns a bicycle shop with her husband and keeps busy restoring neglected bikes she finds at thrift stores.

Kelly - Selected 55 times

Wingz driver since January 2015, Kelly, a native of Arizona is a professional drummer and a scuba diver.

Alan - Selected 35 times

Retired LEO, firearms instructor, and security consultant, Alan enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with my grand children.



Brent - Selected 30 times

Brent is a father of six children, working as an independent delivery specialist looking to provide excellent customer service. He have over 20 years of driving experience.

Davinder - Selected 105 times

A former Silicon Valley techy that's not quite ready to retire, Davinder describes himself as someone that takes great pride in putting his all in whatever he does.

Eric - Selected 10 times

Integrity and safety are what Eric is all about. He is a 24 years veteran who knows that getting someone home safe and secure is the key. He is home grown from Portland Oregon and is a big football fan (GO Niners GO).

San Diego


Jurgen - Selected 150 times

Originally from Germany, Jurgen moved to San Diego in 1985. He knows the city by heart.

Resty - Selected 165 times

Resty grew up in San Diego, and is very familiar with its area. Very reliable and prompt, he looks forward to providing you with an excellent customer service.

Paul - Selected 205 times

Originally from San Francisco, Paul has lived in San Diego since 1994. Riders usually say that he plays great music for a very enjoyable ride.



Theresa - Selected 310 times

Theresa and her family have lived in the state of Washington for 15 years now. her husband is Active Duty Army, and they have 3 boys (21, 12, and 11). She enjoys riding motorcycles. And don’t forget to ask her about her 2 cute dogs!

Emad - Selected 175 times

A very professional driver, Emad had hi own company for 2 years before joining the rideshare movement. He has excellent knowledge of Seattle and its area.

Vito - Selected 135 times

Vito has been a Wingz driver since June 2016. His joyful personnality has made him a popular driver in the Seattle area.