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Build your own Business

At Wingz, we want to provide the best service possible to our customers
and empower drivers by giving them fully deserved credit for the work they provide.
Wingz drivers are able to build their own base of regular riders.
Our riders appreciate service-oriented and reliable drivers who are good communicators
and look forward to providing outstanding service.

What makes Wingz different?

Wingz is more than a marketplace that connects passengers with a driver. Since passengers
can rebook their favorite driver, enjoy recurring rides with the passengers you like. If a rider
asks if they can ride with you again, the answer is "Yes!".

The Wingz driver app shows drivers all the ride details before accepting the ride. Wingz drivers
know how much the rider pays and have a good idea of how much they will earn.
Wingz has been applying the same revenue share model since the start.
Review who the customer is, the itinerary, and only accept rides that actually work for you.
Transparency is king.

In Georgia, Wingz drivers provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) rides.
Our program shows drivers the inside processes of running a transportation provider
business in the Medicaid Industry. This helps drivers develop financial stability, invest in
multi-ride vehicles, and understand the requirements to sustain a transportation company.


What are the requirements to drive for Wingz?

21 years or older

Clean driving record and insurance

SUV, minivan or full-size/premium sedan
< 5 years old
<7 years for NEMT Drivers

iPhone or Android phone

Wingz onboarding & screening process

  • Personal info call
  • Online Orientation and knowledge test
  • Specialized training modules (NEMT only)
  • Criminal background check
  • Motor vehicle record check (MVR)
  • Drug screen (NEMT only)

Wingz advantages

Airport Rides

  • Receive higher fares
  • Know what you are getting before accepting a request
  • Build your own clientele base

Senior and NEMT Rides

  • Help your community
  • Build relationships
  • Make a difference

Event Rides

  • Favorite driver requests = higher payouts
  • Enjoy longer rides
  • Receive higher tips