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Wingz is the go-to transportation service for travelers who need to schedule a personal, stress-free ride at an affordable price. Based in San Francisco (and with an office in Lyon, France), we've been on the ground since the beginning of the ride-share boom and know exactly how it operates.

We believe that everyone deserves their own trusted driver, and it's our mission to help foster lasting relationships between travelers and those who help get them to their destination. As Wingz continues to grow, we've broadened our services to include variety of people and purposes. In addition to airport rides, we now offer around-town rides in each of the cities we serve, and we're getting involved with Senior care facilities to help provide scheduled, personalized rides for those who need them

16 metro areas, 22 airports, and growing!

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We know all of the stress that comes with airport travel, so Wingz lets you schedule your ride up to two months in advance, know the fixed-rate fare up front, and book your favorite drivers time after time. With us, you'll be able to build a relationship with a safe, personal driver who's there for you.

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We give our team of drivers the opportunity to grow their own business from the ground up through direct bookings and pre-scheduled rides. Drivers with Wingz are able to plan out their work calendars weeks—even months—in advance with our platform and can build a clientele they form relationships with.

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We're incredibly passionate about what we do and work hard to make sure both our drivers and riders are having the best experience possible, Wingz started as a tiny team of four and has since grown into a dynamic, enthusiastic team that's committed to helping people get where they need to go.

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